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Mail Order Zombie: Episodes 046-048

Episode 046

There are Headshots a'plenty in this week's episode of Mail Order Zombie. Brother D takes a good and hard (and sometimes mean) look at the movies Zombiez, Catholic Ghoulgirls and Zombie Apocalypse before diving into this week's Feedback Discussion with Miss Bren. We'll also sneak in a few diary entries into the mix - Zombie Farmer submitted a few days' worth of journaling detailing how she would handle living in a zombie reality.

Special thanks to everyone who called in to wish Brother D a happy birthday this week. At the time of Episode 46's recording, we'd received email greetings, a Disneyland recording from Need-a-Nickname Scott (from The Disney, Indiana Podcast), forum posts, Tweets, voicemails, an E-card and even a special message from one of the lead actors from an Uncle Romero classic!

Episode 047

We lost track of how many headshots we gave out this week on Mail Order Zombie! Brother D reviews John Saxon's only turn in the director's chair when he takes a look at Zombie Death House, and then Miss Bren fires off some headshots of her own when she joins Brother D for a discussion of Dead Set. Mail Order Zombie Family members Jay and Mathew also send in reviews of their own (taking a look at Resident Evil: Degeneration and Waxwork II: Lost in Time respectively). But it's not just movie reviews this week - Billy Garberina, actor-director of the 4-Headshot-rated Necroville spends some time with Mail Order Zombie this week to talk about movie-making, why no-budgetters might be drawn to zombies and how you can't always trust the IMDB. The winners for the trade paperbacks of The Walking Dead are announced as well.

Episode 048

Happy Holidays, everyone! In Episode 48 of Mail Order Zombie, after Brother D hits the weekly zombie news and sightings in the Zombie Beat, he and Miss Bren catch up on Feedback that's been building up at MOZ Central over the past few weeks. In the midst of this Feedback Discussion special, Brother D announces a new contest for the Mail Order Zombie Family.

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