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Massively Multiplayer Online Fiction in a Zombie-Infested World

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Welcome to ZombieNet!

This community exists for horror fans, amateur writers, roleplayers, and an interested audience, to have a little fun with the concept of a world being slowly (or less-slowly) overrun by legions of the living dead.

Posts to the community should take the form of personal incident reports, news bulletins from the poster's locality, and other FICTIONALIZED stories of encounters with the zombie hordes. Comments to posts should take the form of other "survivors" offering advice to their peers, or "Out of Character" applause and polite comments/critiques (these last should be kept to a minimum).

Hardcore familiarity with zombie movies is a definate plus, but not entirely mandatory. Also a plus is familiarity with the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks, currently available at fine bookstores, or various online outlets (this book will be considered "in character," and existing as a real resource in this fictional world).

Questions or comments can be addressed to the community manager.